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Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel

9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
Group rate: $199 / night - group: Florida Solar
Reservations: 866-996-6338

All Florida Solar & Storage sessions and events take place at Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel. 

Overflow hotel:
Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
Group rate; $199 / night - Group: Florida Solar
Reservations: 800-204-7234



Rising above the horizon stands Rosen Shingle Creek® Hotel, a sight welcoming you to experience the personal touch of an independent, full service, luxury hotel with all the amenities you expect. The location is prime, just 10 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.

This inspirational view cannot be denied. Embrace nature’s harmony and balance indoors via Spanish revival architecture and décor. Take in sweeping vistas from the comforts of your spacious guestroom where you’ll have an eagle eye view of Shingle Creek Golf Course and the lush, verdant landscape.

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