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It is the policy of the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association and its members to make the largest contribution possible to the health, safety and welfare of the public through careful design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar energy systems.

Consistent with fair business practice and service in the public interest, members of the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association pledge.


  1. To offer a reasonable warranty on products and services and to fulfill justifiable claims without hesitation.
  2. To advertise only bon a fide prices and to sell the merits of products without reflecting unfairly on the products and services of competitors.
  3. To provide with clarity all material facts about products and services that need to be understood by the trusting as well as the analytical.
  4. To design or install solar energy systems and related products in a manner compatible in every way with public health and safety, and to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.
  5. To support all efforts to improve solar energy products and services and to encourage research in the development of new materials and methods.


  1. Members shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of their duties.
  2. Members shall act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees.
  3. Members shall, to the best of their ability and knowledge, install systems in compliance with applicable codes and standards.
  4. Members shall avoid deceptive acts in the solicitation of solar work.
    A. Members shall not falsify or permit misrepresentation of their professional qualifications as a solar contractor.
    B. Members shall quote realistic prices and completion dates and, absent any unforeseeable factors, shall strive to fulfill these estimates.
    C. Members shall not knowingly quote a project that does not meet solar and other applicable codes. Knowingly presenting bids on work with the intent of profiting from change orders is considered as a significant deceptive practice.


  1. Members shall be guided in all their professional relations by the highest standard of integrity.
  2. Members shall admit and accept their own errors when proven wrong and take appropriate action to correct the error.
  3. Members shall observe and foster the highest standard of safety and working conditions for employees.
  4. Members shall not attempt to injure, maliciously or falsely, directly or indirectly, the professional reputation and practices of other members, nor untruthfully criticize other members.
  5. Members shall actively participate in the training of skilled tradespeople for the future welfare of the solar energy industry.
  6. Members shall not attempt to attract an employee from another firm by false or misleading pretenses.
  7. Members shall endeavor to extend public knowledge and appreciation of solar energy systems, their achievements and effect on the environment and to protect the solar energy profession from misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
  8. Members shall avoid all practices which are likely to discredit the profession or deceive the public.