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Insurance Information

Getting solar and need insurance?

Member contractors have shared with FlaSEIA that the following insurance carriers are friendly to homeowner owned rooftop solar.

1) Tower Hill

2) Florida Family

3) American Integrity

4) Typ Tap


6) Citizens

7) Sage Sure

8) Olympus

Homeowners will need to work with their local agent to obtain quotes for a policy.

FlaSEIA Member Insurance Agencies with personal lines coverage

The Florida Solar Rights Act

Florida law forbids any entity—including homeowner associations—from prohibiting the installation of solar or other renewable energy devices on Florida buildings. An association may require approval of a system installation, and may establish restrictions for installations. However, any such restrictions must be reasonable, not arbitrary, and applied in a uniform manner for all association members. Also, any restrictions must not have the effect of impairing the performance, or increasing the cost, of a solar system.

In particular, a homeowner association may not prevent the installation of solar collectors on the roof of a home. The association may determine where on the roof the collectors may be installed, so long as the collectors face within 45 degrees of due south.

Finally, any requirement(s) that a system be screened from view by trees, fences, ground mounting racks, or a remote roof location that is hidden from the street, will generally violate the statute.