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FlaSEIA'S 45 Years of Leadership

Established in 1977, the Florida Solar Industries Association (FlaSEIA) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the solar energy industry in Florida. Our commitment is highlighted by stringent contractor licensure and system certification standards, which have significantly increased consumer confidence and spurred industry growth. Upholding high ethical standards, our professional members prioritize quality, safety, and performance. With over 450,000 solar installations statewide, our members' commitment is evident in making solar the natural energy choice for Florida. 

Our Mission

At FlaSEIA, our mission is to enable the deployment of local solar energy and storage. We empower businesses and consumers, working together to build a brighter future.

FlaSEIA'S Advocacy, Ethics, and Standards

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

Each year, our members focus on prioritizing legislative and regulatory issues. FlaSEIA has played a pivotal role in securing the permanent status of the state's solar sales tax exemption. Through strategic collaboration with legislators and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, FlaSEIA actively advocated for the passage of the Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act. This Act provides financial incentives for solar hot water heating, solar swimming pool hearing and solar electric (photovoltaic) systems. 


Promoting Ethical Business Practices

We actively encourage ethical conduct among companies operating in the solar market. While FlaSEIA is not a law enforcement organization, we serve as a resource to connect individuals with the appropriate law enforcement organizations. Our aim is to foster integrity and accountability within the industry, ensuring a trustworthy environment for all involved. 


Influencing Building Codes and Permitting

FlaSEIA actively advocates for codes and standards to ensure safety, reliability, and uniformity in the solar industry. By shaping these regulations, we contribute to a safer and more reliable solar market. 

Celebrating our Members

We are thrilled to spotlight the achievements of our members. Through awards and recognitions, we honor excellence, innovation, and dedication within the solar energy industry.      LEARN MORE HERE

Annual Solar & Storage Summit

Join FlaSEIA in celebrating innovation and collaboration at our annual Summit, taking place May 12-14, 2025 at the Tampa Convention Center. Connect with solar installers and contractors, electricians, project developers, roofers, engineers, and more. Join us for a 2-day line up of dynamic panel discussions, exhibits, and quality networking.

Becoming a FlaSEIA Member

Joining FlaSEIA means contributing to the long-term growth and profitability of the solar industry in the state. As a FlaSEIA member, you uphold professional ethics, gain access to crucial information, advocacy efforts, professional development resources, and networking opportunities.

FlaSEIA membership opens doors to potential business opportunities within the industry. Make a difference in your professional journey and contribute to the growth of the solar energy industry in Florida by becoming a member today.      LEARN MORE HERE