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Get involved in YOUR industry association by joining a Florida SEIA Committee.

To volunteer for a committee email Wendy Parker ( or the chairperson listed below


Membership Committee  - Co-Chairs: Paola Humphrey & Joel Durrance

Purpose: To increase the number and quality of our relationships with solar industry firms operating in Florida. To monitor and ensure member satisfaction and engage with membership at events.

  • Key Initiatives:

    • Seek & Onboard New Members

    • Create a consistent onboarding experience for members.

    • Ensure members understand FlaSEIA goals and plans, potential to participate in meetings, events, and committees; and available resources.

    • Approve New Members and confirms compliance (license and insurance)

    • Survey for member satisfaction and feedback (key issues not being addressed)


Events & Communication Committee - Chairperson: Jeff Juger (

Purpose:  To drive member engagement through events, workshops, conferences, and various messaging (e.g. Florida Solar and Storage Summit).

  • Key Initiatives:

    • Coordinate Workshops, Conferences, Meetings (Florida Solar & Storage Summit)

    • Communicate with membership regarding events, education, and rules/regs.

    • Put together a newsletter for membership

    • Communicate with public (website, social media, media, etc.), promoting the value of solar & the solar industry in FL

    • Consider city-level events for member clusters


Education Committee - Chairperson: Dave Bessette (

Purpose: Manage the Solar Apprenticeship Program jointly managed by FSEC and FlaSEIA. Organize CEU opportunities in collaboration with the Events Committee. Maintain relationships with educational facilities and providers.

  • Key Initiatives:

    • Manage FlaSEIA-FSEC Solar Apprenticeship Program

    • Coordinate with education providers to create CEU courses

    • Maintain solar as a professional trade

    • Serve as resource for questions about licensing and the industry


Local Regulations Committee - Chairperson: Ben Millar (

Purpose: Manage local initiatives related to HOA’s, Solar Rights Law implementation at the local level, SolarAPP+, and AHJ and Inspection Training; City or Region specific sub-committee.

  • Key Initiatives:

    • Create sub-group of members by active geography (suggested areas: Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami)

    • Solar Done Right Educational Seminars to AHJs

    • HOA’s:

  • Provide educational resources for homeowners, HOA’s and installation companies on what homeowner rights are

  • Provide a letter of support or communication protocol when installers need the support.

  • Recommended attorney’s to support their case

  • Permitting:

    • Streamline permitting via education to building departments/ahjs

    • Advocate for consistency with code across municipalities

    • Push adoption of SolarAPP

  • Inspections:

    • Push for no show inspections (no need for contractor to be there); or virtual inspections

    • Advocate for SolarAPP


Legislative & Regulatory Committee - Co-Chairs: Jim Purekal & Sterling Clifford

Purpose: Maintain relationships with key local and state legislators and PSC.  Review any positive or negative laws affecting solar at state or federal level.

  • Key Initiatives:

    • Promote definition of NEM as 1-1 swap; defend NEM

    • Work with DBPR to develop a consumer protection guide on who can and cannot sell solar in Florida.

    • Feed legislative and regulatory updates to Events and Communication committee for use in newsletter

    • Keep Board updated with relevant policy news

    • Collaborate with like-minded organizations; lobby as needed (look for lobbyist)

    • Educate legislators and regulators about the Florida solar industry; become go-to resource for information


Ethics Committee (convened as needed)

Purpose: Create standards for professional conduct in Florida solar.  Arbitrate as needed.

  • Key Initiatives:

    • Wendy to consolidate and report unlicensed activity in the State.

    • Wendy to update the website on the two topics above.

    • Convene as needed to settle ethics issues


Hall of Fame Committee (convened as needed) - Chairperson: Chairperson: Dave Bessette (

Purpose: Nominate individuals to the Florida Solar Hall of Fame.

  • Key Initiatives:

    • Create program, criteria, and rules.