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Preserve Florida’s Rooftop Solar Industry

Here’s some ways you can effectively help:

Familiarize yourself with our proposed changes and the economic impacts of SB 1024 and HB 741.

The key message is that “proposed changes to net metering in SB 1024 & HB 741 would decimate Florida’s growing rooftop solar industry, result in the loss of thousands of solar jobs, and significantly impact local companies.”

We have lots of great video content for you to share on YouTube and they can be found at the button above.

Please call and email your representatives to request an in-person or virtual meetings with them prior to session to discuss how SB 1024 (if it’s a senator) or HB 741 (if it’s a representative) will impact you.

It is critical to the success of this campaign that your organization allocates time to travel to testify at hearings, meet with legislators and advocate for our jobs! The button above will lead you to a form so that we can coordinate travel to Tallahassee.

We need you in Tallahassee on February 8! Bring your solar panels, hard hats and wear a yellow shirt. Logistics and transportation details can be found at the button above and here is a link to the Facebook event.