The Florida Legislature and the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) have established the scope of work for solar contractors.  For the full text of the Florida Legislatures rules on solar energy contractors licensing and requirements you can read the following Rules and Chapters here, Click here for Chapter 489, Part I (Solar contractor definition is section 489.105 (3) (o).

  • Certified Solar Contractor (CV)

Who Needs a License to Install Solar

Florida has licensing requirements for all solar contractors. The state certification (licensure) for solar contractors is required by anyone who installs, alters, repairs, maintains, relocates or replaces any type of solar thermal or PV systems. Individuals employed by the contractor are not required to be licensed.

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How To Verify a Contractors License

To verify a contractor’s license, go to and type the license number listed on the proposal, business cards and marketing material of the contractor you are interviewing.

All of FlaSEIA’s contractor members are required to hold an active contractors license. However, if you would like to verify a contractors license who is not a member of FlaSEIA you can do so easily.