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2023-2025 Board member information


Board members of FlaSEIA must be current members of the association.  The biographical information form must be completed and submitted by the announced deadline.


The board meetings once a month by video conference.  Committees meet based on activity.  There is an annual meeting, annual conference and other events throughout the year which board members should plan to support and attend.

Biographical Information

Biographical Nomination Outline

If you are interested in serving as a FlaSEIA director for the 2023-2025 term please Click here to complete the online form.  Or, answer the following questions and submit in either a Word or PDF document, along with a current photo of yourself, to the FlaSEIA office for inclusion on the FlaSEIA 2023 Ballot. Deadline: June 16.  Send to Wendy Parker,


Name:  _______________________________  Member Company:  ___________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone:  (____)_______________________  E-mail Address:  ____________________________


Please list your title with the member company and your responsibilities.


Please give a brief description of why you would like to serve on the FlaSEIA Board of Directors and how you feel you can help the Board of Directors.


Please list any associations of which you have been a member including dates of membership. Include any leadership positions such as officer, director, committee member, etc. and term of service in these roles.


Please give a brief description of your educational background which relates to the solar industry.


Please give a brief description of your past job experiences which relates to the solar industry.


Please give a brief description of any other career accomplishments that would further highlight a candidate’s worth which relates to the solar industry.


By submitting an application for nomination to the FlaSEIA Board of Directors, you agree to abide by the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Code of Ethics of the Association.  You also agree that you are giving FlaSEIA permission to disburse, publish or reprint the above information to its members through e-mail, mail, publication in the newsletter, etc.