Florida Energy Policy

FlaSEIA is instrumental in providing political and grass roots education in support of growing Florida’s solar energy economy. From the White House to the out house 86% of Americans support the growth of solar energy in all forms. On a political front, FlaSEIA strives to provide elected officials and candidates the best information so they are able to make educated and informed decisions regarding solar energy in Florida. On the national stage FlaSEIA also supports the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Key Policy Initiatives supported by FlaSEIA are Distributed Generation or Rooftop Solar and the following policies and programs that help consumers go solar:

  • Net Metering or Net Energy Meter (NEM)
  • Rate Design
  • Interconnection Standards
  • Local Permitting
  • Incentives
  • Financing Options


FlaSEIA also supports the growth of Utility Scale Solar and the critical issues for developing solar power on the largest scale in a distributed form, these items include:

  • Renewable Portfolio Standards & other accepted measurement standards
  • Grid Interconnection
  • Wholesale Distributed Generation (non-utility owned, utility scale projects)


FlaSEIA recognizes not all individuals are able to install solar panels, not just for monetary reasons but regarding site availability, such as condos or heavily shaded areas. That is why we are continually working to advance community solar or shared renewables in the state of Florida.

As a contractor or business owner in the industry your help is needed; we offer a variety of levels of financial and community support. You can become a member or simply join our mailing list so you can stay informed.  When we launch a campaign you can help the solar industry to advance Florida’s solar energy policy forward.